Nick and Nicole

I have to explain something to you before you read my review of Justin and his photo work for my wedding: I did NOT want a professional photographer. My then fiance, Nick, had to have multiple long discussions (ok, fights, I admit it, I’m a stubborn girl) before I gave the go-ahead (yes, he still married me even though I was being so crazy).

Ok, so if you’re like most brides, you probably won’t immediately understand my concern; a wedding is a very special moment that you’re going to put a lot of work into and will want to cherish forever. And yes I felt that too. But I was worried about having to pose for pictures all the time and not getting to actually enjoy my wedding. I’m also a very economical person. I’m not the type of person to take out a loan to afford a designer dress, for example. So a lot of my wedding was DIY (my sister made my cake and my family and I made all the invites, ceremony brochures, seating cards and table decorations) and I figured it was a waste of money to hire a professional photographer when everyone nowadays has a camera phone and we could even leave disposable cameras on the tables to cohearce guests into taking memorable shots.

However, Nick’s valid point was that a lot of regular people take crappy pictures or are too involved with enjoying the wedding themselves (like I wanted to do) to capture every moment. Really, it wasn’t even fair of us to require that of our family and guests when we certainly didn’t want to do it. We could still put the disposable cameras on the tables at the reception but they should just be considered be fun additions to our photo collection not the whole of it.

So with our decision made to get a photographer, I began worrying about posing all day (I’m sure you can tell that I’m not the fondest of having my photo taken). But honestly, I almost never knew Justin was there! When he arrived, I introduced him to everyone and showed him around the house I was getting ready in, and away he went. When he did come in to take some pictures of me getting ready with the girls, I was in a great mood and he wasn’t overbearing with direction so it was actually a lot of fun! Later on, our familes commented to me about how Justin was “such a polite young man.” Always a plus.

During the ceremony, I didn’t even know he was there, honestly! You’d think I’d see a flash from his camera or something but no, nothing. I kind of wondered if he’d even gotten any shots b/c the priest was a little reluctant about letting him taken photos during the ceremony, but it turned out he took tons and they were amazing. I guess Nick and I were too busy gazing into each other’s eyes. 🙂

After the ceremony, we did have to do our group shots, but I was prepared for those. You could tell Justin had a lot of practice in reeling and sorting everyone in for each specific picture (the bride’s family, the groom’s family, everyone together, etc) and taking the photos as quickly as possible so no one got distracted or left early, etc. We had a lot of older relatives there so that was a feat in and of itself!

The reception was a continuation on how happy we were with Justin. He made sure to take photos of every table, lots of me and nick and our friends, and again, we were so caught up in dinner and dancing that we barely noticed him. When we finally got all the photos to review, we were totally and completely amazed. They were the most beautiful photos with lots of really fun candids, which is what we wanted. Our families were also super pleased and have since asked for Justin’s info so they could recommend him to others.

I am so glad my husband talked me into hiring Justin (although now I’ll never hear the end of it… since he was right, haha. 🙂 But really, Justin is the best, he takes his job seriously, totally knows what he’s doing, he’s a complete professional and also, surprisingly, a lot of fun.

If Justin has your wedding date free, book him fast!

Nick and Nicole
A wedding in Palisades Park

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