About Justin Tinapay

The Photographer

I have always been inclined to the arts for as long as I can remember.  When I was a kid, I began drawing portraits of my family, friends and gave it to them as gifts.  It was something I knew that was one of a kind  and personal. Although my medium of art has changed, the fascination of people stayed with me and photographing them became my favorite artistic outlet.  I search for real emotions which only show when a couple forgets that I am photographing them. Afterall, a wedding should not be mainly spent posing for the cameras.  My unobtrusive photojournalistic style allows me to capture intimate and once in a lifetime moments.

Who are my clients?

The best way to know me is to know who my clients are.  They look for relaxed, unscripted, spontaneous, and effortless photography.  A photographer who is always there, yet unnoticed, who appreciates the small details in photography.  The body language a couple communicates with, however little, but actually means a lot.  The look of completeness on the groom’s face as he watches his lovely bride walk down the aisle.  The single tear a father sheds as he sees his little girl all grown up and happy.  And the twinkle in the bride’s eyes as she looks up to the groom.  All these and more are not left undocumented.  It is my goal and my promise to create a flowing storyline of your day.  Friends who couldn’t be at your wedding will feel as if they were a part of it.  Relive your wedding over and over with photos that speak.


Passion for Photography

I am constantly shooting and constantly improving. Here are some of my “nonwedding” photographs.